Auction Flex and HiBid let DreamDirt
“play with the big boys”

DreamDirt LogoFour years ago, Jason Smith’s DreamDirt was a scrappy little company in Mondamin, Iowa, trying to make a name for itself in an agricultural auction market dominated by the big companies. He was looking for a leg up that would help him go head to head with much bigger companies. Now, DreamDirt has operations in Missouri, Nebraska and North Dakota, with no plans to slow down.

The turning point, he says, came in 2013, when DreamDirt first began using Auction Flex Auction Software and HiBid Internet Auctions. The change streamlined the grunt work of auctions and freed him to spend more time building his company and boosting his marketing.

“When you’re the little guy, you have to be  aggressive. Everybody has to pull their own weight and then some. And every piece of your marketing program has to do the same. If something’s not working, you have to change it before it sinks you,” says Smith.

Auction Flex and HiBid have fit perfectly into the DreamDirt philosophy, says Smith.

“We do all our clerking, cashiering and settlement through Auction Flex, right down to printing out the invoices, paying vendors, you name it. I’d say it reduces the work of an auction to maybe 10 percent of what it was before,” Smith said.

Smith said Auction Flex works equally well for live, webcast and online auctions, all of which DreamDirt uses.

“The custom DreamDirt app (for iOS and Android) that Auction Flex built is an incredibly powerful tool, allowing people to bid from anywhere in the world. The push notification allows us to send out a notice that an auction is about to begin in, say, two hours. We learned the hard way that when we send a push notification, we have to have people ready to answer the phone, because it starts ringing like crazy. We’re able to watch our analytics in real time and see where the traffic is coming from,” said Smith.

Jason Smith“For a small startup like mine, Auction Flex’s whole technical package levels the playing field and allows us to play with the big boys. For just a modest cost, we can have every tool they have, and there’s nobody who can beat Auction Flex’s customer service. That’s a big deal to me, and it’s why we’ve never even thought about changing,” Smith said.

I love the idea that when we suggest improvements, Auction Flex is right there with their ears wide open.  100% of the interactions I’ve had with Brandon and his staff have been positive.  I really sense their interest in making us successful and partners like that are really rare.


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